Below are links to other CSA sites that you might find useful.



CSA NotesOffers CSA notes for sale and great historical background by Mr. Ed Mason. A very well done web site and very useful for the beginner or the advanced collector and maintained by a true enthusiast and someone who sincerely cares about this hobby.


Crutchfield's Currency - A wonderful site, loaded with quality CSA notes, Republic of Texas items and plenty more. Col. Crutchfield Williams is one of the most knowledgeable, experienced, and highly respected gentlemen in the business. Extremely helpful, courteous and more than eager to help any collector. Without question, one of the leading experts in the United States.


The Trainmen  -  A group of dedicated individuals who pursue and share knowledge with regard to the 1862 CSA $100 notes (T-39, T-40 and T-41); the so called 7.30 notes-as these notes paid 7.30 % interest per year. This web site lists various interest paid locations, issue locations and lists known military issued notes by name and officer. Maintained by Crutch Williams, this site is an absolute must see if your interest lies in this area; as notes are illustrated from the most common issue locations and interest paid locations to the most rare known. A superb site and I highly recommend a visit.


Mason-Dixon Currency  As of February, 2017 a new website launched by Mr. Jack Bridges of Texas. Without reservation, the best designed, aesthetically pleasing and most user friendly currency site on the internet. Offering Confederate type notes, extremely rare varieties, Military issued 7.30 notes and many other Confederate issues. Also available are Southern States notes, obsolete notes and the odd and curious....all at extremely reasonable prices. Jack is foremost a collector who also buys and sells these wonderful pieces of Americana. He has the eye of an eagle, extremely knowledgeable and can spot a rare variety while looking through notes at large shows like no one I've ever seen. Believe me, his website is worth visiting, as his knowledge and eye can most likely be your potential gain. You will find notes available here that absolutely cannot be found anywhere else. You will not regret visiting Jack's website and will most definitely want to bookmark this one after your first visit.


Hugh Shull -- A charter member of the PCDA, Hugh Shull has been offering quality CSA, Obsolete, Colonial notes, bonds and superb paper Americana since 1976. He maintains a vast supply of this material and is considered by everyone to be the leading dealer in the United States. I would imagine that Mr. Shull has started more people down this road of collecting than any other person. Extremely knowledgeable, polite and professional. Although he does not maintain a web site, Hugh Shull offers a bi-annual catalog subscription chocked full of quality material and which is used by many as a reference. The  bi-annual catalog may be ordered by sending $10 (for non-active buyers) to : Hugh Shull; P.O. Box 2522, Lexington, S.C.  29071. The catalog is mailed at no charge to regular customers. If you have never utilized this catalog before, I highly recommend it and Mr. Shull.i

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