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Below are our current offerings of CSA Contemporary Counterfeits. Visit the Terms page to order. These counterfeits are becoming extremely difficult to locate and are very eagerly sought after. I have roughly 600 CSA contemporary counterfeits that are not yet listed here. Type numbers are from A Guide Book of Counterfeit Confederate Currency; History, Rarity and Values by George B. Tremmel.  Whitman Publishing Company, 2007.


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  This entire section is now being updated. I have far too long let this section go unattended and will soon bring it up to speed. In New Orleans, I recently purchased a huge collection of quality Confederate Contemporary Counterfeits totalling around 300 notes which have been off the market for over 45 years. Further, I had the opportunity to acquire the CSA counterfeit collection of the late John J. Ford in 2005 which I have retained in my personal collection until now. Ad the 250 contemporary counterfeits I have in inventory to these aforementioned acquisitions; and I do believe there will be something for everyone. Included in the notes to be listed are the great rarities of contemporary counterfeits. CU CT-8; all varieties of CT-10, CT-49, CT-56; CT/Stolen - forged, full imprints, etc. Such contemporary counterfeits are only available when great, old time collections are sold. Thank you for your patience.


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