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      We offer a wide selection of Confederate, Obsolete and Southern States notes, along with many other important and interesting articles of paper Americana, primarily dating prior to 1865. By far, our most important objective is your satisfaction. Prompt shipping and answering your emails are very important to us. Please don't be afraid to ask questions about any material you see here. All items we sell are absolutely guaranteed genuine for life. If there is a note that you do not see listed, please let us know and we will do our best to locate an example for you. Our inventory is much, much larger than is shown on this web site, so do not hesitate to inquire. Payment plans are available, as stated upon the "Terms" page, and we always manage to find a way to work out a plan to enable you to add a note to your collection. All you have to do is ask.

       While browsing this site, some may ask "Aren't some of these notes priced higher than "book" or what I see else where"? The answer to that question is; sometimes, yes and sometimes, no. I do not, nor have I ever, hesitated to pay "full price" or above retail for a nice, scarce, fully framed note which bears superb color or eye appeal when the rare opportunity to acquire such a note presents itself. One must be willing to "belly up to the bar" in order to obtain such material. Look very closely at the notes you see offered here. In the four decades+ I have been engaged in this wonderful pursuit; I have never, ever seen such an approach go wrong for me or a subsequent purchaser. Granted, there is absolutely nothing wrong with collecting various types of Confederate Treasury notes or obsoletes which may be less expensive, cut cancelled or lack the eye appeal a better note may possess. They carry the same historical significance and meet many collectors needs on par with a Gem CU note. This is the beauty of collecting the notes you see here. It is totally up to a collector as to what they want to collect and how much they can or want to spend. My point is this: Acquiring quality at what may seem to be somewhat higher price than "current book" always pays in the long run. I have never seen this fail and given the scarcity of rare, quality notes, it is not about to change now. If I am to offer scarce, quality material, I must pay somewhat higher prices. Far too many times I have personally attended live auctions and seen the exact same note bearing the exact same technical grade; with one note having better color, trim and eye appeal and watch the later bring triple or quadruple the former. Stick with this rule and you will never go wrong. If you like the note, odds are someone else will. In the coming years; the quality piece will always gain value over the average one. Never get "stuck" by book prices. They become outdated and do not take into account that intangible element known as eye appeal. Just remember when it comes to higher quality or more scarce notes: "Today's price is tomorrow's bargain". I cannot name one time this has not held true over the course of 40+ years. It is not the note that a collector buys which stays on their mind the most; it is the desirable note which the collector passed upon, feeling like it was "just a bit too much at the time", which they most agonize most over the years to come. I have heard this very thing hundreds upon hundreds of times from collectors within the paper currency arena. One may not get a second chance at many of these rare pieces of history. I have never seen the supply of quality Confederate Treasury Notes or Obsolete Bank Notes as low as it stands today.


         As you browse though the site, please keep in mind that only those notes of exceptional quality and superb eye appeal are listed. I simply do not have the time to list all of the more common, although desirable notes currently in inventory. Granted, I have them and all one need to is ask for a scan. I honestly attempt to list only the most appealing and rare notes on this site. It would be impossible to do otherwise. For example, one person may be looking for a Confederate 1861, $5 Type 46, and there may only be one or two examples shown. This means that the example(s) listed has been acquired after going through as many as 400+ other T-46's and being unsuccessful in locating a desirable, problem free note which bears great eye appeal; whether the note be mid grade or high grade. Granted, I likely have 45-50 other T-46's but rather than "shotgun" list them, you will see only the finest and most appealing of any given note listed on the site when I have the time to list them. If you prefer a less expensive note or eye appeal and trim is not as important to you; simply drop me an email and scans of other examples of the issue will be on their way. One must look though hundreds of notes to locate the problem free, appealing examples listed upon this web site. Believe me, it is no easy task and one which becomes much more difficult each and every day; as problem free, quality material is not remotely as available as it once was.

      Please keep in mind that we are ALWAYS BUYING, and should the time come for you to sell your collection, whether it consists of a few pieces or many hundreds of items; we offer TOP PRICES and immediate, confidential, cash payment.

      As with most collectors, students, dealers and admirers of paper money, I began my numismatic pursuits collecting coins. In the early 1960's, I began to assemble sets of Lincoln Cents, "Buffalo" Nickels, "Mercury" Dimes, "Standing Liberty" Quarters, and "Walking Liberty" Halves, all of which could then be found in circulation. No one cared for Silver Dollars, although I would on occasion pick up a nice uncirculated Morgan Dollar for the princely sum of $1.10 or so; when I could afford it.


      Along the way, I would on occasion purchase an old, worn "horse blanket" or large size Federal note. While these notes were interesting, they did not capture my imagination in the same manner as coins.  It was not until I purchased an odd looking note...one of which I had never seen before, that I became enthralled with paper money. That note was a Confederate 1864 $10 note which depicted a field artillery scene with horses at full gallop pulling cannon during the Civil War. Having always had an interest in the Civil War and owning a few common swords and a Colt Army and Colt Navy pistol, along with a few other odds and ends, I I studied the note for what seemed like hours...the red color,  the wonderful vignette, the handwritten serial numbers and brown ink signatures. I then began to actually think about what the note stood for..."The Confederate States of America". What a piece of history! This common T-68 captured my imagination and swept me back in time like no other coin, sword, gun or other Civil War item I had ever held. I could vividly see the troops, the suffering endured by both sides and the horror of this terrible conflict. I knew I had to have more of these...if they were available. There was no internet. I found Fuller's 1946 work, Criswell's 1957 book on the subject along with the then current Arlie Slabaugh publication. One thing led to another, and I eventually obtained a catalog offered by Mr. Hugh Shull of Camden, South Carolina. The catalog contained a vast array of treasures, many of which I did not know were available. I ordered a few common notes from the catalog, and I was hooked! I called Mr. Shull one day and explained to him that I was a beginning collector and interested in obtaining more CSA notes. In his always polite, professional and courteous manner, he took his valued time with this person he did not know and offered some general advice and one specific instruction-"Buy the toughest issues first". Of course, I did not follow this last bit of advice; although I now know why this advice was offered. At that time, nearly all of the tougher Confederate notes could be purchased at five to ten times less than they can be purchased today. As he has with many hundreds of other collectors; Hugh Shull started me down this wonderful path, for which I am forever grateful.


       Many may wonder why I take so much time and most often do long descriptions of the notes here offered. It is my opinion that a website should help a collector as much as it can. I often times get sidetracked and discuss a subject totally unrelated to the note which is offered. The reason for this lies behind educating a collector. To me, the collector is everything. I know the feeling of adding a note to your collection. Been there and done that. I have experienced the short lived "wrath" of my wife upon her learning that I paid $650.00 for a choice very fine T-3 many years ago. I sold that note for the princely sum of $700.00 and never heard another discouraging word from her again. Obviously, I could list many, many more notes by cutting down on the "gibberish" and consequently, make more money. If making money were my objective with this web site I would be in serious trouble, the way I go about it. I want a collector to know as much as they possibly can about any given note for sale upon this site. I enjoy communicating with each and every person who contacts me and even though in some cases I may have never met them, feel as though I am dealing with a friend. This common bond is strong and the interest we share makes any collector my "friend" automatically. While this may sound strange, it is truly how I feel.


      Thank you for visiting our site.  We are hopeful that you locate something to add to your collection. In addition; want lists do work, so don't be bashful about sending a list of notes or items you are looking for. As with most purveyors of this material, on many occasions some of the best material goes out to someone with a want list on file...never making it to the web site or show table.




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